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Supportive Counseling Journey
Now accepting new clients for 
Telehealth Counseling.


Across the state of Massachusetts

Services Offered:

-Individual counseling


-Maternal & Reproductive mental health

-Perinatal loss

-Phone consultations

-IVF Group Therapy

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Supportive Counseling Journey

Life can be rewarding, fun and happy, yet situations can change in an instant. If you find yourself having a difficult time with daily functioning, managing anxiety/ depression, stress management, life adjustments, traumatic memories or grieving, consider engaging in a counseling journey with an experienced clinician to help you achieve your personal goals.
Supportive Counseling Journey was founded  by (2) independently licensed mental health counselors that are sole proprietors to their own practice and on the premise of providing quality mental health services from the safety and comfort of your own home. 

Supportive Counseling Journey is here to help guide you on a journey of self- empowerment, hope and to reach personal goals.   



Stephanie Miranda, LMHC and Matt McNutt, LMHC operate with the same mission to empower hope and offer support to an individuals personal journey. They both bring unique, authentic and specialized treatments that encompasses a variety of techniques including; evidence based theories and holistic interventions tailored to the persons' needs.  



Stephanie and Matt have adapted the principals of the AMHCA ethical guidelines and utilize all HIPAA compliant platforms for telehealth and record keeping to ensure high quality of safety and privacy.  

Please review the privacy practices and contact your health insurance plan ahead of time to understand your behavioral health benefits. 

Please reach out to your clinician directly, instead of booking on this site.

The counselor that you make a referral to will respond within 48 hours. 


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