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Stephanie Miranda LMHC, CAGS
Sole Proprietor 

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Trying to become pregnant, or going through a fertility journey can impact overall health, triggering anxiety, depression, stress and grief. It is estimated that 1 in 8 couples are impacted by infertility in the U.S. Supporting perinatal mental health starts during the TTC phase, through pregnancy and up to the first year postpartum. Post- partum does not end at the "6 week check- up". If you are considering receiving support from a counselor that understands perinatal mental health, infertility treatments, and pregnancy- related/ risk issues, please reach out at any point for a consultation. 

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***Stephanie is currently accepting new clients for her Wait list


“I believe the collaborative relationship between clinician and individual is a key factor in personal growth and success. I provide a safe and accepting environment in order to help others heal and adjust from trauma and stress."

A graduate from Becker College and Cambridge College, Stephanie poses a Bachelors in Criminal Justice, a Masters of Education in Counseling Psychology and a CAGS (certificate of graduate studies) in Mental health counseling. With over ten years’ experience in the behavioral health and mental health field, Stephanie has experience working in residential placement, public school system, head start, in home therapy/ in home behavioral (CBHI) and outpatient therapy.

Stephanie’s practice embodies a person centered and individualized approach that encourages individuals to achieve self-empowerment and healing.

Stephanie’s clinical focus for the last several years has been working with complex trauma survivors and how their responses and symptoms from their trauma impact them presently. The impact of trauma can essentially re-write the brain, Stephanie supports individuals in strengthening the ability to use their coping skills while navigating their experiences.

Stephanie recently shifted the focus of her practice, to support women through reproductive health issues and infertility. Grieving fertility can be one of the most vulnerable and lonely times a woman and couple go through, and working with a clinician that understands the medical process personally can be relieving and helpful. 

Stephanie focuses on overall perinatal mental health, starting with the conceiving journey, adjusting family growing plans, pregnancy, and parenthood. Stephanie is recognizes as a professional member of Resolve New England.

Stephanie is starting to offer support groups to those going through IVF. 

​Stephanie holds advanced training's in Growing great kids (healthy family attachment), ARC (attachment regulation and competency), TF CBT (trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy), and expressive arts therapy, as well as experience developing FBA’s.

Specializes in:








Parenting skills training

Perinatal mental health

Trauma/ PTSD

Women’s reproductive health issues

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