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What are the benefits of Telehealth?

Telehealth allows a person to choose the 'best' fit provider, which does not limit them to a small radius of locations. Telehealth is widely used across the nation, easily accessible, and convenient for people who may not be able to leave their home. There are no limitations, and it allows what may feel like an impossible/ intimidating step to try counseling, more safe.

  The "Supportive Counseling Journey" Mission and Practice, is to value high quality mental health care, using a unique, and authentic approach that encompasses a variety of techniques, from the safety of the person's home.

If you are interested in beginning individual therapy or one of the offered group therapies, please reach out to Stephanie Directly. 
Please reach out with further questions, and prior to consenting to therapy, reach out to your insurance company to understand your behavioral health benefits. 

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